Consistently since 2000, there have been six nationally recognized awards that have been awarded to deserving seniors in the Grand Haven Band Program. These awards include: John Philip Sousa Award, Arion Award, Patrick Gilmore Award, Director's Award, Louis Armstrong Award, and Semper Fidelis Award. Criteria considered for each award includes: private lessons, commitment, enthusiasm, dedication, growth, involvement, leadership, citizenship, dependability, and musical accomplishment. View past award recipients

Senior Awards

John Philip Sousa Award

Introduced in 1955 to honor the top student in the high school band, the John Phillip Sousa Band Award recognizes superior musicianship and outstanding dedication. It was created with the approval of Helen Sousa Albert and Priscilla Sousa, daughters of the famous composer and bandmaster. The Sousa Award is the pinnacle of achievement in a high school band and is awarded to only one Grand Haven High School Band student each year.

Arion Award

The Arion Award was established in 1948 to give national recognition to senior class members chosen by their schools for outstanding achievement in band, orchestra, or chorus. Students who receive the Arion Award have attained both high academic and community standing

Patrick Gilmore Award

Awarded to one student, the Patrick Gilmore Award was introduced in 1994 in honor of the legendary bandmaster and impresario. This award honors an outstanding senior member and their achievements and commitment to the band. 

Director's Award

Awarded to two students, the Director's Award for Band honors two outstanding senior members of the GHHS Band program. It is awarded to students who display high qualities of dedication and conduct and is presented in recognition of the student’s outstanding contribution to the music ensemble.

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award

Awarded to one student, the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award was inaugurated in 1974 and recognizes an outstanding senior in jazz band. In addition to the criteria above, the recipient of this award has a thorough understanding of the jazz idiom, is an outstanding performer, and is an ambassador of the jazz genre.

Semper Fidelis Award

Presented by the United States Marine Corps: Young musicians must not only maintain a high degree of instrument proficiency through practice and rehearsal, but they must also maintain superior grades and devote time to the extracurricular needs of the band. In doing so, the high school musician displays traits the Marines consider essential: Endurance, Knowledge, Unselfishness, Dependability, Enthusiasm and Loyalty. To help high schools promote recognition of these achievements, the Marine Corps honors qualified senior music students with the Semper Fidelis Music Award.

Senior Plaque

All senior band students are honored with a senior plaque. Seniors play a critical role in the leadership of the band by setting a positive example for underclassmen to follow and shaping the legacy that will be passed on to future band members.

Drum Major Award

Drum Majors exhibit character and poise, as well as demonstrate confidence in a leadership role. They must be able to think clearly on the spot, and have the ability to gain the respect of their peers. They inherit a legacy of excellence that has been handed down and entrusted to them by a long line of outstanding BMB Drum Majors over the years. The Drum Major Award is bestowed upon those Drum Majors that best exemplify these standards of excellence.

Junior Awards

Band Chenille Letter

For students in their junior year, this award signifies the commitment that these students have made to the Grand Haven Band Program.