Marching Band

Buccaneer Marching Band

The Buccaneer Marching Band (BMB) is one of the outstanding marching bands in the state of Michigan. The BMB has an extensive performance schedule that encompasses all home football games, several competitions, the Coast Guard Festival Grand Parade, the Memorial Day Parade, and appearances at Disney World.


Members of this auditioned group (with the exception of some color guard/cymbal line members) hold joint membership in the Wind Ensemble/Symphonic Band and High Wind Advisory. While the season schedule for the BMB is demanding, we consistently have numerous fall athletes perform in this group. Good time management coupled with a supportive family of over 120 student musicians will help you find success in this high-­caliber group.


The BMB is divided into the following sections:

Drum Majors

The position of Drum Major is held in the highest esteem within the Band and Marching Program. Drum Majors exhibit character and poise, as well as demonstrate confidence in a leadership role. They must be able to think clearly on the spot, and have the ability to gain the respect of their peers. Drum Majors must be advanced musically, and possess basic conducting skills. They inherit a legacy of excellence that has been handed down and entrusted to them by a long line of outstanding BMB Drum Majors over the years. The position is to be filled through an audition process in the spring of the school year. Material for the audition process will be provided at the time of audition. Individual(s) selected for this position must attend a summer Drum Major Leadership camp each summer. The enrollment cost for this camp will be paid by the GH Band Booster Association with transportation provided by the Drum Major. Applicants must have been in Marching Band at least one (1) season before auditioning for this position.

Color Guard

The color guard is the epitome of visual representation of music. Through spinning silk and various dance techniques, the color guard adds visual flare and depth to the field shows performed by the BMB. Membership by audition only. Candidates for color guard can include any members in the upper woodwinds as well as students outside of band. Auditions will be held in March with workshops scheduled for interested students. 


The brass and woodwinds of the BMB are the cornerstone of the Grand Haven sound. The BMB marches piccolos/flutes, soprano clarinets, alto/tenor saxophones, trumpets, mellophones, trombones, baritones, and tubas. French horn, euphonium, and tuba players are supplied with school owned mellophones, marching baritones, and marching tubas. Care should be taken in learning how to perform on and maneuver marching instruments. Show music is typically distributed in late May and should be memorized by the time the band goes to band camp. 

Buccaneer Percussion Corps. (Battery and Front Ensemble)

The BPC is the heartbeat of the Buccaneer Marching Band. Members of the percussion section as well as upper woodwinds can audition for a position in the BPC. No members of the brass family are allowed to audition due to instrumentation. The BPC consists of battery (snare drums, tenor drums, bass drums, and cymbals), as well as front ensemble percussion (bells, marimbas, xylophones, chimes, timpani, vibes, synthesizer, electric bass/guitar, etc). Membership by audition only. Private lessons highly recommended. After acceptance into Wind Ensemble or Symphonic Band, another audition will be held near the end of the school year for placement in the BPC. Several help/practice sessions will be scheduled for interested students. Both the battery and front ensemble of the BPC are award-­winning groups with a long history of hard work and excellence. 

Student Leadership

The BMB offers leadership opportunities to students including:

Drum Majors

See above.

Section Leaders

Section Leaders are the most musically proficient student leader in their respective section. Section Leaders earn their appointment through demonstrating outstanding leadership/relational skills and possessing a high level of musical achievement on their instrument.