Private Lesson Rebates

Private Lesson Rebate Program


Student participation in private lessons is the foundation to every successful band program. Private lessons offer your child the opportunity to receive additional instruction and one-on-one teaching/mentoring which is something not always possible in a large ensemble rehearsal. This individualized instruction focuses on the specific and immediate needs of a single student. Studies show that intensive music study contributes to higher levels of comprehension, problem solving, reasoning, conceptualizing, and communication. Private lessons are valuable to all musicians of all playing ability levels, and are highly recommended.

The Program

The Private Lesson Rebate Program is an incentive program for offsetting the cost of private lessons for parents and ensuring that students are prepared.

Why Are Private Lessons Important?

Private instrumental lessons not only benefit individual students – they also contribute to a quality band program. Students taking private lessons advance more quickly in their musical abilities, learn proper playing techniques for their individual instrument, and develop better practice skills – all of which makes them better musicians in band and instrumental ensembles.

What Can Private Lessons Do For My Student?

Learning an instrument can be intimidating, as it requires a student to coordinate their fingers, tongue, air, posture, note-reading, counting, and hearing. Private lessons can help a beginning musician meet this challenge, avoid frustration, and ultimately develop a greater understanding and appreciation of music. For more advanced students, private instruction can help keep them motivated and challenged with higher-level musical repertoire and technical skills. Private instructors may also have connections to other performance opportunities or scholarship programs for advanced study.

How Does the Rebate Program Work?


  • Band and jazz band students in grades 5-12 taking private lessons on their primary instrument are eligible for this program. Only lessons taken during the school year are eligible.
  • Students must fill out the Rebate Program Registration Form and make sure that their instructor is approved by the band program and is willing to participate in the program. Band directors can provide a list of private lesson instructors and can give approval to an instructor for this program.
  • Eligible students will then utilize the Lesson Rebate Form. For each lesson at which the student is prepared and has met their teacher’s expectations, the teacher will make and sign an entry on the Rebate Form.
  • The student will turn in their Rebate Form to their band director by the end of each semester.
  • A rebate check will be mailed to the payee a 2-4 weeks after the semester ends. The rebate for private lessons with an approved adult instructor is $6.00. The rebate for lessons with an approved student instructor is $3.00. Please see the Registration Form for additional instructions.


Private Lesson Rebate Program Program Policies

The intent of this program is to support those band students taking private lessons on their primary band instrument. The Rebate program is intended to serve as an incentive for motivated band students who are planning on taking private lessons regardless of the rebate. Funds for this program come from the Grand Haven Band Boosters Association (GHBBA) and rebate levels may vary from year to year. For each school year, the Rebate program will begin when school begins and will run until June, or until funds are depleted. A maximum of 1 lesson per school week is eligible for rebate. It will be the responsibility of the student to turn in all the required forms and to get their teacher’s signature on the Private Lesson Rebate Form.