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GHBBA Raffle

Annual GHBBA Raffle

The GHBBA is committed to providing the financial resources needed to support our exemplary band program. Each year, we raise money to help cover the costs of new instruments, instrument repair, music licensing, uniforms, and private lessons rebates for all Grand Haven Bands (grades 5 - 12). We do this by holding just two important fundraising events each year - that’s why your participation is vital to the band program’s success!

We are asking each of our 475 band families to sell 10 tickets.  We mailed sets of Raffle Tickets to each family in February. If each family does their part and sells a minimum of 10 tickets at $10 each, we could raise $47,500!


Please commit to helping make this raffle a success again this year!





Sell each ticket for $10. Cash or checks made to GHBBA are accepted. There is no online payment option.

Ask customers to fill out the ticket stub.  Save the stub.  Put the ticket stub and payment in the envelope provided in this mailing.

Turn in the envelope with the ticket stubs, cash/checks, and any unsold tickets on or before Tuesday, March 31. There will be a drop box in each band room to return envelopes or students may give their envelope to their band director.

IMPORTANT: As required by Michigan state law, all tickets and ticket stubs must be turned in and accounted for before the Raffle drawing on Monday, April 27, 2020.

If your family can sell more than the 10 tickets provided -- wonderful! Please call/text Beth Milligan at 740-739-1093 or email bethmilliganapr@gmail.com so we can provide you with additional tickets.  If you are having trouble selling your tickets, we will provide opportunities to sell tickets at public venues throughout the campaign. Watch your email and the Grand Haven Bands Facebook group for fun updates on the Raffle Ticket campaign!

Thank You for your participation in this important funding effort. Together, we can continue to make the Grand Haven Bands program the pride of our community!

Frequently Asked Questions

Each band family sells 10 raffle tickets. This gives the purchaser a chance to win one of 3 cash prizes.  Funds that are raised support band activities, equipment needs at all grade levels, the purchase of instruments, private lesson rebates, uniform and instrument maintenance, music clinics, and transportation for your student.  


  1. Each band family is mailed 10 tickets and each ticket sells for $10.  If you accidentally receive 2 sets of tickets, return the second set.  1 family = 1 set of tickets.
  2. Sell the tickets! Collect the completed ticket stubs from the purchaser at the time of sale. Return the monies and stubs in the envelope provided at your convenience.  Checks are preferred, but cash is acceptable.  Checks must be made payable to GHBBA.  The envelope should be clearly marked with the name of the student and “Band Raffle”.
  3. Turn in envelope by deadline.  Drop boxes are available in each band room.
  4. The drawing for the raffle will be held at the spring band concert at Grand Haven High School. 

There are 3 cash prizes: $2,500, $1,000, $500. With no more than 7,000 tickets to be sold, ticket buyers
have a great chance of winning – much better than the daily lottery and way better than the Powerball!

Unsold tickets need to be returned so they can be sold by someone else!  You can return the unsold tickets to the drop box or the GHBBA through the return envelopes.

All families with students in the 5‐12th grade band programs. This fundraiser benefits the entire band
program and so we are asking everyone to participate.


  • The State of Michigan requires that purchasers must be at least 18 years of age to buy raffle tickets.
  • Prizes may be awarded to a minor; however, this can be done only if an adult signs the ticket stub and writes the minor’s name on the ticket stub.

Please call/text Beth Milligan at 740-739-1093 or email bethmilliganapr@gmail.com so we can provide you with additional tickets.

In that unlikely event, the raffle automatically reverts to a 50/50 raffle with a minimum prize. This information is printed on each ticket.