MSBOA Marching Band Festival

MSBOA District 7 Marching Band Festival

The Bands of SPARTA HIGH SCHOOL will host the annual District 7 Marching Band Festival at SPARTA HIGH SCHOOL.  Festival is an opportunity for bands from member schools to perform their field show for adjudication. Due to securing a more centrally-located location, Grand Haven High School is not hosting this event for 2018.


Directors: Please fill out registration and publicity information for your performance group. Form DEADLINE is Friday, Sept 21 @ midnight. Late entries accepted until Sept 28 @ midnight. If possible, please bring a signed copy of your registration and publicity information WITH check to our fall meeting in September.

School/Ensemble Information
Director Information
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Band Publicity Information
Number of Personnel
Field Show Information
Help for Musical Selections and composer(s) Please list titles and pertinent information about your field show.
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In regard to field announcements, please make it explicitly clear when the announcement should be read during your 15 minute performance block. If you would like items read before, during, and after, please indicate clearly on the script. If you have no script at this time, please email a completed script to in September.
Upload 2018 Announcer Show Script
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Band Picture(required) Help for Band Picture For our program. Please upload a current picture of your band. If you do not have one at this time, please email a picture to by Sept 22.
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